Always listen to your wife!

14 Mar

I think that I am now back on track.  I need to be careful with that statement which I made a few times in the past year and a half.  It is true, I made many mistakes at trying to increase my distance without being completely ready.  All this with an injury made in the see playing with the kids, not even a running injury!

Since 7 months, I have decided to listen to her (being a physical therapist she must know what she is doing!).  I emphasized my training on strength exercices.  Apparently, when we get older, our muscular mass decrease.  There is a need to maintain it and running doesn’t really do that.  Also, the area where I am currently living is flat.  Meaning that always the same muscles are working.  My strength exercices regime started.  She bought me a foam roller and a Bosu.  Started to do exercices like the one at those links:

Stability routine

Rapide Muscle Response workout

Knees and calves workout

Also, I have been running every other day very short distances (5-8 km) at a time mixed with bike.  I slowly increased my distance 1 km at a time.  If the pain was increasing, I was backing off right away.  After 7 months of that regime, I now run 12 km every other day including 1 x 6km the day after a 12k.  On the week end, I am now running 19k for my long distance.  All this at a comfortable pace where I can quite easily talk with someone.  Only one time during the week, during a 12k, a do tempo run with 1k tempo and I slow down the other one.  I also did a 10k race a month ago (40’24), a 5K 2 weeks ago (19’40”) and a 5K yesterday (18’35”).  This week-end, I will not increase my long distance of 19K since last week I had some pain.

I am registered for a half marathon in 2 weeks.  It will be a training race.  All this, with a hope to make a marathon by the end of the year under 3h00.

I think I am now ready to start again feeding this blog – On the road again – hopefully.


Adjusting and detailing my plan for the first half of 2014

12 Jan

Last two weeks

I have seen some improvement during my last two weeks.  I am still doing leg and core exercises every other day.  I am also running at that frequency but slowly increasing my run.

Next two weeks

My next two weeks are still dedicated to rebuild my legs and core muscles.  I will keep my run every other day only.

Long term

I will add an other day of running in two weeks (26 Jan).  Two weeks later (9 Feb), I will start a regular training plan.  I will do my first half-marathon on 16 Mar (instead of a marathon – much more prudent than what I intended initially).  Then, starting to increase my mileage with objective the Ottawa marathon on 25 May.

Let’s aim for that at this point.

My macro training plan will be maintained at this link.

On the road again – time for recapitulation and fixing new objectives

31 Dec

The year 2013 was not a very successful one for me on the running side.

Since July, I am carrying an ankle injury made at the beach.  Since then, I had not been able to log the necessary mileage.


In 2013, I have completed 1,844 km at an average pace of 4’48” / km. (2012: 3,245 km at 5’14”/km).

Only 3 races completed (normally, I do between 5 and 10).

5 km Norfolk 0:18:45 Thursday, June 27, 13
21,1 km Patrick Henry 1:21:22 Saturday, August 24, 13
21,1 km Crawlin Crab 1:23:54 Sunday, October 6, 13

Current situation

Since 2 weeks, I have been running every other days.  I am far from being efficient on my runs.  My shape is not there yet.  It will take a few weeks.  I think I have never been out of shape like this before.  My ankle is still very stiff but I am also doing some legs exercises every other days and it helps a lot.

This link is my main tool to give me exercises ideas (it is many videos looped together all related to legs and core).

My last 2 weeks:

15-21 Dec : 22km at 5’32”/km.
22-28 Dec: 24km at 5’21”/km
I am normally at 4’45” / km at the beginning of a training plan and about 60km.  I am not there yet but I need to stay positive and disciplined with my exercises (which I do not like to do).

My plan

There is only 11 weeks to go.  It will be difficult but not impossible.  So let’s log some easy mile to bring back the shape (for about 3 more weeks) with some of strengths exercises for my legs and core.  At that point, if the training goes well, to start to add one session of speed work and a little bit more mileage for 2 weeks.  Then, come back to a regular training plan up to Shamrock marathon (my first marathon of the year).

My plan would be to aim 3h00 at Shamrock.  If everything goes well, to fix an other marathon in the fall.

So let’s hit the road and keep the good work! 😉

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going
Jim Ryun, the first high-schooler to break the four-minute mile